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Be not afraid of Greatness

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Richard III Through Lord Stanley’s Eyes

Entry 1: 

The war has finally concluded! The public has broken into mad rivalry as peace was declared. I cannot remember when last it was I drank and was absorbed by merriment. What a night to be alive!

Entry 2:  

Buckingham and I returned to Her Majesty after visiting His Majesty earlier this morn, we decided to keep aloof on details of his condition, as it is deteriorating. We were discussing the matter further, when we were interrupted by Richard Gloucester accusing the Queen’s kin doing him wrong for his brother’s imprisonment. His tirade of accusations was interrupted by Margaret; the old bat is still alive. She continued to rant about how her kingdom was stolen, and that we should watch Richard. The King had need of his court, and we were called too him. I’m normally not superstitious, but there was some truth in what Margaret was saying. I will be watching the fellow members of my court with keener eyes…

Entry 3:

The King has passed, and the race to crown The Prince has begun. The people are worried that without a leader, we may again fall into the chaos of war. Richard has become kinder of late, it doesn’t suit him. I believe he is attempting to secure higher office once his kinsman is on the throne. Hopefully we can avoid any bloodshed with the young taking over for the old. 

Entry 4:

My hopes have failed. The Queen has lost several followers, executed while held captive. Lord Hastings was blind to the machinations around him. While planning the coronation, Richard came to the counsel and accused Lady Elizabeth of witchcraft, on his withered arm, and Hastings offered aid. He attempted to tell Richard that if it was indeed The Queen, action should be taken immediately. He did not finish this thought, for Richard struck him and commanded him beheaded with the authority of the Lord Protector. I had to leave him, else Richard would suspect my opposition to him. I’m now in deep with the wolves.

Entry 5:

Richard showed his true colors. He makes for the throne, and he has gained a following of those easily corrupted. He sent me on the most evil errand; to claim Lady Anne for his Queen. None of us are ignorant to the implications of this, and that knowledge made my job all the more difficult. We at least sent the rest of Elizabeth’s kin to safety, and Lord Dorset to Richmond to fight. Unfortunately, I had to inform slightly to keep my intentions concealed from Richard. I believe that he is not fooled.

Entry 6:

Richard has taken George hostage, he asserted it so after my report on Richmond. I have no choice now, I must do what I can to aid my son, else the entire kingdom and Richmond’s brother George succumb to Richard’s evil. I will meet with Richmond tonight. There is much I must tell him before the clash of war sounds again…

Lord Stanley is played by Junior Ryan Farrel, who also wrote this post.

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This has been my first experience as an assistant stage manager ever in the history of my theatre-career and this also marks my first big job working backstage at Grand Valley. To say this has been “new for me” would be an understatement, but more appropriately it could be said I’m completely out of my element. Luckily, my learning process has been very hands-on and our Stage Manager, Cindy, has been keenly giving me learning experiences in the world of stage management.
So if you’re out there wondering what a stage manager does there is not a simple answer I can give you. A stage manager can do, and often does a little bit of everything! They help actors, they keep notes, and they make sure people show up for rehearsal, are on time, and are safe throughout the show. They are the first ones in the theatre and the last ones to leave every night. Sometimes a stage manager is a therapist, as I learned watching Cindy ask many actors “How’s your life right now?” after they have been accidentally wacked with a lead pipe in rehearsal. Then other times they’re a custodian as I’ve swept up enough saw dust to last a life time and picked up abandoned empty water bottles on every set piece. The most simplified definition of a stage manager is someone who makes sure the production keeps moving forward. Every obstacle, sick actor, or in our case dumpster dilemma needs to be resolved by the stage manager so the show can make it in one piece to that coveted opening night.
Sophomore Megan Prangley serves as Richard III’s Assistant Stage Manager.

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Rehearsal pictures from our mainstage production of Richard III. Photo Credit: ASM Megan Prangley.

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Hello all,

My name is Erin Feiner and I am a part of the cast for Richard III which will be opening this Friday at 7:30pm. I am a sophomore theatre major and this is my first Shakespeare role at Grand Valley. I will be portraying the young princess Elizabeth, daughter of Queen Elizabeth and King Edward IV. Although I have no lines as this character, I am still very excited to be a part of the production. On the bright side, I don’t have to worry about forgetting any lines or portraying them the wrong way. Tonight we will be having our second dress rehearsal and I am tired, but ready. Last night I didn’t get to leave the PAC until 11:30pm, however, I am so thankful to the crew for this show because they are here before we arrive and after we leave. We all work very hard to put on the best show possible, however, the crew often get’s the short end of the stick in terms of appreciation. I also want to thank my family for supporting me in this event. I have not seen my family since last Christmas and this will be the first show they will see me in at Grand Valley. I warned them, “This is a long play, and I won’t have any lines or much time to visit with you. I completely understand if you don’t want to come.” Even knowing this they are still making the trek from Indiana, North Carolina, and Florida to Allendale this Thursday. I hope that I can make them proud. Now it’s time for me to get some precious sleep before rehearsal tonight. I hope to see you at the show!

Erin Feiner plays Princess Elizabeth in our production of Richard III.

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Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of York.
Richard III, 1.1.1